Toddler Swing Set for swing and slide activities

Brand: Backyard Discovery

Product Code: BD6

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Price: $607.00

Toddler Swing Set

Toddler Swing Set is a backyard playset designed for outdoor fun in small backyards. This wooden swing set encourages the youth to be active and spend their time playing fun outdoor games for toddlers because all the features it has will make your kids want to stay in the backyard more and more and play fun outside games, or just swing and slide. The Toddler Swing Set includes a kids slide, a rock wall wooden ladder along with a standard ladder, two belt kids swings and a flying trapeze. This swing set even comes with a wood picnic table. The covered upper deck provides enough shade for your kids to just kick back and recover from their swing and slide activities. Toddler Swing Set is very safe too. There are safety handles at the top of both the standard and the rock wall wooden ladder, making for a high quality wooden swing set. Kids will simply love the Toddler Swing Set and will swing and slide for hours.

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