Teeter Totter Picnic Table - a pretty toddler rocker


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Teeter Totter Picnic Table

Teeter Totter Picnic Table is a toddler rocker that can be converted to a kids picnic table by simply reversing the teeter totter upside down. The Teeter Totter Picnic Table encourages social skills activities as up to four kids can enjoy lunch or dinner, or just some social play. This kids picnic table makes it easy for kids to interact between each other and have some face to face conversations which is a very important aspect of the early childhood development. Up to four kids can fit when the kids picnic table is in teeter totter mode. Phanty's eyes move back and forth as kids work together to get her to rock. Teeter Totter Picnic Table is made of brightly colored plastic, and is weather resistant. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.


Dimensions: 45.50" x 27.20" x 22.00" 

Weight: 19 lbs

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