Slide and Swing Set for active kids

Brand: Backyard Discovery

Product Code: BD21

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Price: $3,852.00

Slide and Swing Set

Slide and Swing Set is an enourmous backyard swing set that literally includes everything kids needs in their backyard. It has a big tower with a 7' high playdeck and a wood roof. Down below there is a complete kids playhouse that features a door, a snack window, and some accessories inside such as: a play stove, play sink, and a cordless phone. Outside the playhouse there are two seats where kids can relax, do some homework , or just have a cold drink the shade. The unique part about the Slide and Swing Set is the kids slidesSlide and Swing Set has three of them. One is positioned off the 5' high playdeck, the other one is positioned off the 7' deck, and the third one - the twisting kids slide is positioned off the upper balcony. Kids can get to the playdecks using the standard ladder on the back or climbing the rock wall for more challenging fun. Slide and Swing Set also includes four belt kids swings for hours of swinging fun. Slide and Swing Set is so big that multiple kids can play on it at once. It is a lot of fun and kids love it. Great quality at a great price, by

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