Play Swing Set for fun activities

Brand: Backyard Discovery

Product Code: BD17

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Play Swing Set

Play Swing Set is designed for kids from various age groups as it is suitable for all kinds of playground activities. It has a tower with a wood roof and a covered playdeck, along with a wooden playhouse underneath. The playhouse includes play accessories, such as: stove, sink, and cordless phone. Under the loft, Play Swing Set has some seats where kids can have drinks, play some card games or do some homework. Kids can climb to the balcony using the ladder or the monkey bars for some more challenging fun, and then get back down to the yard using the 10' wavy kids slide. The swing beam is pretty big and innovative as it features four belt kids swings to make the swing n slide activities complete. Play Swing Set is 100% cedar wood made which is a quality proof, by

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