Open Dome Kids Climber for strong kids

Brand: Sii

Product Code: CW19

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Price: $1,989.00

Open Dome Kids Climber

Open Dome Kids Climber is an large plastic climber in the shape of an arched bridge that turns in kids favorite immediately after it is placed in the backyard. By climbing on the Open Dome Kids Climber kids develop physical and aerobic skills that will help them growing up. The kids climber is made of plastic tortoise panels with grids and holes so kids can have endless hours of climbing activities. Social play is greatly promoted too because Open Dome Kids Climber is so large that multiple kids can climb over and under, and run through the open dome at once. Great addition to every playground offered to you at a low price by


Product dimensions: 7' 6" L x 8' W x 6' 2" H

Weight: 384 lbs

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