Medium Kids Sandbox with Cover - Size 5' x 10'

Brand: SandLock

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Medium Kids Sandbox with Cover 5' x 10'

Medium Kids Sandbox with Cover is our medium sized 5' x 10' wooden kids sandbox that is suitable for outdoor use and allow multiple kids to play in it at once. It is made of all HDPE recyclable plastic, and includes 10" x 59" interlocking panels with couplers. It also has four removeable corner seats that allow  kids to take a break from their sand games and then continue playing and have hours of social play. Medium Kids Sandbox with Cover has a ground barrier that keeps away plants and insects and keeps the sand in the 5' by 10' play area. The most important thing about this kids sandbox is that it comes with a cover that includes a shock cord system. The system along with the cover itself protect the Medium Kids Sandbox from harsh weather conditions and keep it dry through the whole year. Medium Kids Sandbox with Cover is a quality product at a very affordable price. Presented to you by


Product dimensions: 59" W x 118" L x 10" H

Weight: 65 lbs

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