Long Bug Kids Climber with play tunnel


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Long Bug Kids Climber

Long Bug Kids Climber is the larger version of the Bug Kids Climber. It is a kids toy that includes a play tunnel, and encourages kids to communicate more and improve their social interactions. Multiple kids can fit in the kids climber's play tunnel at once and have some fun social play. Children will love counting the bugs brightly colored feet, and play different children games along with that. Toddlers will be enticed to climb the Long Bug Kids Climber, crawl through the play tunnel, and hug the bugs neck and head. Long Bug Kids Climber is a great playground set for peek-a-boo games. This kids climber is great for active play and for toddlers to stretch their legs and imagination. With the Long Bug Kids Climber they will always be active, play fun games for kids in and around it, and will always have fun things to do outside or inside the house.


Dimensions: 56.30" x 37.00" x 47.64"

Weight: 39.68 lbs

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