Kids Slide and Climber for boys and girls


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Kids Slide and Climber

Kids Slide and Climber is an awesome kids climber, very suitable for outdoor activities for toddlers but also a good choice if you want to put it indoors to see your kids have some indoor fun. Your kids will love it because our Kids Slide and Climber consists of apple trees on both sides of the backyard playset so kids can really feel like they have apple trees in their backyard, and a kids slide for more fun. Pretend play is highly promoted by this Kids Slide and Climber. This playground set also features two side ladders that make it easy for toddlers to access the platform and then enjoy the wavy kids slide. If your kids get tired of climb and slide activities they can just sit and take a deep breath on the bench on the back of the kids tree house. The multipurpose table can reverse and become a sand pit. The possibilities with the Kids Slide and Climber are really endless.


Product dimensions: 78.74" x 49.20" x 54.70"

Weight: 62 lbs

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