Kids Sandbox with Cover - Size 5' x 5'

Brand: SandLock

Product Code: SL1

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Price: $242.00

Kids Sandbox with Cover 5' x 5'

Kids Sandbox with Cover is a very easy to assemble kids sandbox because the four 10" x 58.5" interlocking panels it has. Its assembly takes just a few minutes. It has two removable corner seats that make the kids sandbox very comfortable and game friendly. Kids can spend hours playing in the sand because they can take a seat, rest for a bit, and then continue playing. The Kids Sandbox with Cover has a ground barrier so you know the sand will stay in the 5' x 5' area, and plants and insects will stay out while the kids sandbox is still permeable to let water out. The heavy-duty vented cover includes a shock cord system so it allows the cover to go on and off easily while staying  on in extreme year round outdoor weather. The Kids Sandbox with Cover is a quality product at a very low price. Presented to you by


Product dimensions: 59" W x 59" L x 10" H

Weight: 37 lbs

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