Hump Kids Climber for climb activities

Brand: Sii

Product Code: CW17

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Price: $2,479.00

Hump Kids Climber

Hump Kids Climber is an outdoor plastic climber in a very interesting shape of a tortoise shell. It is made of high quality plastic tortoise panels so it endures many years of high volume use. The panels have hand and foot holes in them for the ease of the kids climbing activities all over the climber. The Hump Kids Climber is suitable for every kid between 2 and 12 years who wants to be active and play in their backyard under the sun. It is a great addition to younger kids playgrounds because the maximum height the kids climber reaches is 3.1 feet, which makes it safe even for the little ones. Great product at a low price, offered to you by


Product dimensions: 11'9"L x 12'3"W x 3'1"H

Weight: 208 lbs

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