Half Arch Kids Climber for active kids

Brand: Sii

Product Code: CW16

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Price: $1,986.00

Half Arch Kids Climber

The Half Arch Kids Climber is a pretty big outdoor climber made of tortoise panels connected in the shape of a half arch. This kids climber is suitable for kids between the age of 2 and 12, and can fit multiple kids on its surface because of its size. The tortoise panels have holes so kids can stick their feet and hands, and climb easier. Half Arch Kids Climber is a good hangout for younger kids because it is not too high, and that makes it very safe. Get this awesome kids climber at a reasonable price, offered to you by JumpJoker.com.


Product dimensions: 7'3"L x 13'6"W x 7'H

Weight: 430 lbs

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