Fire Truck Teeter Totter for imagination play

Brand: Sii

Product Code: CW10

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Fire Truck Teeter Totter

Fire Truck Teeter Totter is a kids rocker that was designed in the shape of a fire truck so it encourages kids to use their imagination while enjoying their time in the backyard under the sun. This teeter totter can be an amazing gift for kids who want to be a part of the local fire department when they grow up. It is made of tough polysheet laminate, and has a heavy duty spring so the Fire Truck Teeter Totter can handle your kids' fire rescue play missions. The biggest advantage of the Fire Truck Teeter Totter is that you can get a one-seat teeter totter as well as a two-seater that will allow both of your kids to share some good times rocking. Quality product that you can get at a very affordable price, by


Product dimensions: 14' x 15'

Weight: 1-seater - 125 lbs; 2-seater - 145 lbs

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