Criss Cross Kids Climber for games under the sun

Brand: Sii

Product Code: CW25

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Price: $1,886.00

Criss Cross Kids Climber

The Criss Cross Kids Climber is a backyard climber that is suitable for kids between the age of 2 and 12 years and can fit any outside playground. Its tortoise panels connect in a criss-cross pattern creating kids favorite playground hangout. The Criss Cross Kids Climber has many curves and dips so kids can climb easier and be able to spend hours on it. It is big enough so multiple kids can fit on it at once and have fun together. That being said, the Criss Cross Kids Climber promotes social play which is very important for the early childhood development. Great kids climber at a pretty low price, by


Product dimensions: 3' 9" L x 12' 6" W x 6' 6" H

Weight: 400 lbs

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