Cedar Swing Set with many features

Brand: Backyard Discovery

Product Code: BD14

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Price: $1,795.00

Cedar Swing Set

Cedar Swing Set is a very interesting swing set because it provides various activities for kids that want to stay active and do something. It has a large 5' high playdeck area, and a complete playhouse underneath. The playhouse has white windows, a door, a snack window wall, and play accessories on the inside, such as: a sink, a stove, and a cordless phone. Cedar Swing Set has a belt kids swing, and a two-person glider. On the other side of the playhouse, there are monkey bars. They let your kids get to the playdeck area in a more challenging way. The monkey bars promote physical play because they help kids develop some physical skill that are very important for the early childhood developmentCedar Swing Set also includes a 10' kids slide which is another way for kids to get out of the playhouse. By getting your kids this awesome swing set, you will receive a ship steering wheel for added fun, so you can surprise them even more. 

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