C Bridge Kids Climber for fun in a "C" shape

Brand: Sii

Product Code: CW22

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Price: $2,505.00

C Bridge Kids Climber

C Bridge Kids Climber is a large plastic climber that can be the perfect addition to a big backyard and kids above the age of 2 and up to 12 years. It consists of three hexagons connected to three pentagons to create this awesome outdoor kids climber. By climbing on the C Bridge Kids Climber kids develop important skills for the early childhood development such as: aerobics, strength, and coordination. It is great for social play too because of its size. C Bridge Kids Climber can fit multiple kids at once, and that way kids can challenge each other with various climbing competitions. Get this awesome kids climber at a pretty low price, presented to you by JumpJoker.com.


Product dimensions: 12' 3" L x 13' 6" W x 8' 9" H

Weight: 533 lbs

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