Bug Kids Climber promotes social play


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Bug Kids Climber

Bug Kids Climber is a brightly colored climber that was designed to encourage kids to stay active, play different children games and socialize more. The Bug Kids Climber is considered an indoor playset but is also suitable for outdoor play. This kids climber features four brightly colored body segments, a happy face, and a tail. Children will have a lot of fun discovering this amazing playground set. The climber can be assembled in different configurations to entice toddlers to climb, crawl, and interact. Social play is greatly promoted by the Bug Kids Climber because multiple kids can fit in, on and around this kids climber. Large boot-shaped "feet" hold the social climber so it is stable and safe. 


Dimensions: 85.43" x 39.37" x 42.52" 

Weight: 44 lbs

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