Big Wooden Swing Set for big backyards

Brand: Backyard Discovery

Product Code: BD9

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Price: $1,775.00

Big Wooden Swing Set

Big Wooden Swing Set is an incredible swing set that is suitable for kids from different age groups and designed for big backyards. It has an enormous raised playhouse with a covered side porch and a front sun porch. Big Wooden Swing Set is so big that a lot of kids can play on it at once. Multiple kids can play on the top level, and they can get there by either climbing the wooden step ladder or climbing the rock wall that leads to an elevated tunnel, and can get out of it by simply sliding down the 10' wavy kids slide. The swing set also includes two belt kids swings and trapeze for some strong arms. The Big Wooden Swing Set is an awesome playset that will last for years because it is made of 100% cedar wood, and offered to you

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