Big Backyard Swing Set for active kids

Brand: Backyard Discovery

Product Code: BD19

Availability: In Stock

Price: $2,600.00

Big Backyard Swing Set

Big Backyard Swing Set is heavy duty and it is our biggest swing set. It features two towers, a bigger one and a smaller one, two kids slides, two belt kids swings, a kids sandbox, and monkey bars. It literally has everything that a kid needs in the backyard. The two towers are connected via a sun porch. The smaller tower has a standard ladder, and a kids sandbox underneath. It also has a swing beam attached to it, that includes two belt kids swings, and a kids slide that runs straight to the yard. The bigger tower is very spacious. It has an extra wide 7' high playdeck. On the back of it, there are monkey bars that make getting to the fort a challenge. In the front there is a wavy kids slide that kids can use to get out of the tower. Big Backyard Swing Set is an awesome heavy duty kids swing set where your kids will spend endless hours of active and physical play. Great offer by

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